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What we do...

Air Conditioning
Ammonia Plants

and how we can help you...

Hands On Training
Our lectures come with a wealth of experience, and provide practical hands on training to our students. Courses cover both practical and technical issues in refrigeration, ammonia plant and air conditioning trades. And our courses are also NQF level 2-4 certified.
Open Trade Training Center
We have been a leading training provider since 1992, in Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ammonia Refrigeration, Heat Pump Systems, Electrical Engeneering and Controls for R&AC. Our courses cover the entire spectrum of technical knowledge, both practical and theoretic, to achieve confident and informed decision making, combined with the appropriate practical skills.
World Skills Competition
OTTC Students regularly participate in the World Skills Competition, and have on Numerous occasions produced winning participants. The Expertise of OTTC is also often called apon as an expert in the annual World Sills Competition